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A human being has different life stages, birth, coming of age, and death. Death is one moment people fear, because it is the end of their life. Death brings opposite feelings different than the birth. When a birth occurs, people are become happy, but when a death happens, sadness prevails. Many persons have beliefs that there is another life after death, while other people argue death means closing door on life. I believe death is a transition from the mortal life to the spirit living in an afterlife. The structure of the law and the moral traditions of a culture determine their views on afterlife. When I was a child, my beliefs were that death was the last stage of the life. My parents never believed people go to another life after they die. My mother told me I could have only one life. If a person dies, he would not have another life. My father agreed with my mother arguing that people should enjoy their lives because when the death comes, life stops. When I was in elementary school, the Science teacher taught me about life forms (Animal and Plant) have life stages, birth, growing up, coming to age, and death. The human body has a biological clock that starts to run at the beginning of the life, and stops working when it comes to the end of the life. Also, I've heard many people speaking that death is the worst nightmare and no one can escape. One of my friends told me he did not want to become old because he was afraid to die. An old person is close to death because the elder years are the last stage of life. When I was a teenager, I began to understand what death would mean for me. I learned death was not only an end of the life for elder people. It also became an unwanted moment for others. Three years ago, I met and talked to a man in the early morning that died that afternoon. I felt badly when I heard the news about that person. I was confused about it, "How could it be possible for the man I was talking to in the early morning to be now dead?" Unfortunately, those words I said did not revive him because he was dead. Also, I figured out that all humans are vulnerable to die; a little accident could end the life of a person. One day my neighbor went with his friends to the river. The day passed, and the neighbor never returned. The neighbor's parents were worried about their son, and they predicted the worst had happened to him. At nine `o clock, the neighbor `s friends returned with sad news, that their friend had died when he jumped into the river. According to the group, the boy wanted to impress everybody with his skill of being an expert swimmer. He jumped to the river and fell on a big rock. This accident, tragic and unnecessary, gives evidence that we do not know the day or the hour when God will take our life. When I was seventeen, I read an article from a magazine about persons who were near to death; they had experiences of some of what death might be like. One of these people wrote this description of death. When he was shoot by a thief; the man saw his own body covered with blood. Then, he was falling into a black hole. After that, the man saw a long walk-in that ends with an entrance. The person went through the entrance and saw his grandfather. The grandfather told the man he was not prepared to enter into the New World. While the person heard grandfather's message, he woke up in the hospital emergency room. As soon as I read that article, my beliefs of death changed because this stories was not a plot of a science fiction movie. It was a real experience told by a real person.When I started to go to the church, my beliefs of death continued to change. By the time I started to study the bible, I found the passing away was not the end of life. The New Testament says when a person is demised the soul is freed from the body and goes to another life. Also, the bible explained that on judgment day people would be reborn on the day of the Second Coming of Jesus to pass judgment on each. At the mass ceremony in church, I heard the resurrection mentioned at the next passage after death into a new life. Today, I still think that humans have another life after they die. I also understand there is no way for people to avoid death. It can happen to anybody. It is the truth people believe death is the doom of the person, but also there are persons like me who believe the afterlife is the next stage of life after death. I know I will die someday, but I have a hope my life will a long and happy one.
Juan A. Cardenes

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Playball !!! A la Dominicana...!

Ya empezó la pelota Dominicana. Seis equipos: Leones del Escogido, Estrellas del Oriente, Azucareros del Este, Tigres del Licey, Gigantes del Cibao y los actuales campeones de las Aguilas Cibaeñas se vuelven a juntar para competir por la corona. Hasta ahora las Aguilas y el Licey son los mas ganadores con 18 campeonatos cada uno. Ambos buscan desempatar, ya sea las Aguilas por primera vez, o el Licey retorna a su liderazgo que habia perdido hace varios años. Los Leones del Escogido apuesta a que esta temporada sera roja, mientras que las Estrellas buscan ese tercer campeonato que vienen deseando desde hace mas de 30 años. Los Toros aspiran por el segundo campeonato mientras que los Gigantes se prepara a conseguir su primera corona. Suerte a todos los equipos. Seguirá la dinastia de las Aguilas ? Eso solo en esta temporada se verá si eso suceda o no.


El baseball dominicano se celebra en la temporada de otoño - Invierno. Empieza en Octubre y culmina a finales de Enero. El campeonato se divide en tres etapas :

  1. Regular : De Octubre a Diciembre (Unos 60 juegos para cada equipo)
  2. Juego de Estrella: Por lo regular se hace a la mitad de la temporada. Originalmente, se enfrentaba los equipos de la Capital (Licey/Escogido) con un combinado de los demas equipos del interior. Sin embargo, en los ultimos tres años se ha cambiado el formato y se juegua entre paises. Los mejores jugadores de los seis equipos conforman el equipo Dominicano. Estos se enfrentan a la selección de Puerto Rico. Actualmente cada equipo lleva un ganado y un perdido. En el 2003 ganó Puerto Rico y en el 2004 ganó la Republica Dominicana. Los juegos se realizan un año en Puerto Rico y otro año en la Republica Dominicana.
  3. Todos contra Todos: En esta serie semifinal juegan los equipos clasificados (los cuatros primeros lugares) de la serie regular. 18 juegos. Esta pretemporada es la mas emocionante y que mas fanaticos tiene debido a que en ella se definiran quienes seran los equipos que iran a la final del campeonato. Clasifican los equipos del primer y segundo lugar. Se juega en Enero durante las tres primera semanas.
  4. Serie Final: Dos equipos juegan en un combinado de 7 - 4. El equipo que logre alcanzar la cuatro victoria se comvierte en Campeón Nacional. El campeón representará al pais en la Serie del caribe. Se juega en Enero en las Ultimas dos semanas.
  5. City Champ: Campeonato Local entre los equipos de la capital (Licey y Escogido) El equipo que gane mas durante la serie regular será el ganador del City Champ (Campeonato de la ciudad).
  6. Serie del Caribe : Un mini campeonato entre los campeones de varios paises caribeños. Republica Dominicana, Puerto Rico, Mexico y Venezuela son los que participan en dicho torneo. Este se celebra anualmente desde principios de Febrero hasta la quincena del mismo. Anualmente se celebra en unos de los paises anfritiones. Se juega 6 juegos por equipo. El ganador de la serie es el tenga mas victoria y quede en el primer lugar. Puerto Rico y Republica Dominicana son los paises que han ganados mas series del Caribe. Los Tigres del Licey es el equipo mas ganador de Serie de caribe con 9 campeonatos.


  1. Leones del Escogido : Rojo, Estadio Juan Marichal (Quisqueya) Santo Domingo, Rep. Dom.
  2. Tigres del Licey : Azul, Estadio Juan Marichal(Quisqueya) Santo Domingo, Rep. Dom.
  3. Aguilas del Cibao : Mamey (Naranjado), Estadio Cibao, Santiago, Rep. Dom.
  4. Estrellas del Oriente : Verde, Estadio Tetelo Vargas(Sammy Sosa), San Pedro de Macoris, Rep. Dom.
  5. Azucareros del Este, Morado, Estadio Francisco Michelli, La Romana, Rep. Dom.
  6. Gigantes del Cibao, Marron, Estadio Julian Javier, San Francisco de Macoris, Rep. Dom.

Mascotas :

  1. Escogido (Leon)
  2. Licey (Tigres)
  3. Aguilas (Aguila)
  4. Estrellas(Elefante)
  5. Azucareros(Toros)
  6. Gigantes(Potros)


  1. Escogido ( 12 )
  2. Licey ( 18 )
  3. Aguilas ( 18 )
  4. Estrellas( 2 )
  5. Azucareros ( 1 )
  6. Gigantes ( 0 )


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