Monday, March 12, 2012

Guys : Are you having trouble to meet women?

Here some tips …

How to Make Meeting Women Easy

by Joseph Matthews
Read it here
I wished to read this when I was young…would helped me to be more confident.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why Women Loves Tattoos

Why do women love tattoos?
If we take a glance at people who have tattoos, they are found to be massively more likely to smoke, be an alcoholic, do illicit drugs, be promiscuous, or essentially otherwise engage in high risk behaviors. Vices is the word. It stands to reason that people who engage in one high risk behavior are likely to engage in other high risks. People who say that tattoos signify only artistic self-expression are kidding themselves. I do a lot of people watching, and reading up on sociology, and I am still shocked by how much one little tattoo speaks volumes about someone. But, this thread is about women who love tattoos and not just the men who have them.
To wit, what prompts my inquiry is that I have several tattoos and recently endured a three-hour session for a huge chest piece (Click here for a picture). The tattoo artist, who was the only artist there, was about an hour late starting my appointment and so towards the end of my session, the parlor was rather full of people, such as a group of four young hot chicks. When I finally stood up, turned around, and showed everyone the work that had been just done to me—I swear, every young lady looked like they wanted to fvck me. I am a rather non-descript, skinny, rather friendly, innocent-looking guy—nothing stands out about me except for a shaved head and a GQ taste of fashion. I never get these “Let’s fvck like wild bunnies” looks from women except for, maybe, three times in my life. But when I go to the beach—beach time is almost here thankyouverymuch—and take off my shirt, well, things with the ladies always seem to naturally go smoother. The first time I went to the beach sporting some ink, some girl stalked me into the waves—LOL. About a week before this last tattoo, I went to some bars while sporting a tank top, the first time I ever did such a thing. With some tattoos showing on my arm, things with the ladies seemed to naturally go smoother. A lot smoother.
But why?

Read this article that I found on the phorum of and make your conclusions Click Here