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ComicsGrama : The Uncanny X-Men Milestone Tribute

Comicsgrama : The Uncanny X-Men Milestone Tribute.

The merry mutants have their debut on 1963 and since that moment there has been many stories. Last November issue 600 appeared as the last, at least for now, milestone issue of their title " Uncanny X-men" . Now the series will restart for the 3rd time again with another issue number 1 and though it a reboot, chances to see it reaching the 700 it could take a while to happens, especially when Marvel Comics just renumbers the series just the same way that the issue 600, anything is possible.  For this occasion, let's take a look of the milestone issues of this series. A milestone issue is when a series come to a hundred issue. Usually this issue is double sized and has a big story that could be  a single one, the beginning of an arc or in the case of the last one the ending of a storyline. Let's see the Uncanny X-men Milestone issues:

Uncanny X-Men 100 (1976) : "Greater Love Hath No X-Man…"

In this story, The X-men fights clones of themselves aboard the space station run by the anti-mutant Project: Armageddon, whose leader is Stephen Lang.

They were able to defeat them but the space station was damaged and was about to explode. The X-Men rescued some pilots and returned to their jet, but the autopilot was damaged making it impossible to fly the ship through the solar flare passing through Earth's atmosphere without someone to pilot the ship. One of the pilot named Corbeau said that whoever pilot the jet will die because will not resist the radiation. Jean Grey stepped up and offered to do the sacrifice. Using her telekinesis to connect with Corbeau mind to be able to have the skill of flying the plane, Jean pushed the group into a container and with her Telekinesis shielded the plane to be protected of the radiation. She was able to fly the jet and rescue the group, but paid the price of her life. This is the beginning of the Phoenix Saga.

Uncanny X-Men 200 (1985) :   "The Trial of Magneto!"

The X-men are in Paris to witness the trial of Magneto. The trial was interrupted when in the courtroom, the Von Strucker twins, Andrea and Andreas, attack to avenge their father. They destroy the courtroom and the battle goes into the basement. The Professor X breaks the twins bond and they are powerless. Sir James Jaspers starts to attack Andrea Strucker with a brick and Magneto saves her. Professor Charles Xavier had a heart attack and is dying. The twins break free and break the wall and the river floods in. Magneto saves Charles from death and gets him above ground. Xavier tells him to promise of taking care of the school and the X-men. Then, Xavier was teleported away by Lilandra and Corsair who will take care of him in space. The judge says the court of public opinion is going to judge the X-Men and Magneto now after these events. Magneto promised that he will follows the Xavier's dream. After this issue, the five original X-Men founded a new team named "X-Factor".

Uncanny X-Men 300 (1993) :  "Legacies"

In the story, The X-Men fights Fabian Cortez and the Acolyites. Fabian's Team kidnapped Moira MacTaggart in Paris, France. This event is a sequel of the previous Milestone. There is an investigation of who killed Magneto. Also, in this issue the health of Magik is getting worse and his Brother Colossus felt bad after learning that the disease of her is terminal. She has the Legacy Virus. Issues later, Magik dies and Colossus quits the X-men. After that, Magneto returns on the event of Fatal Attractions.

Uncanny X-Men 400 (2002) : "Supreme Confessions"Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 400

In the story, The X-Men fights the Church of Humanity in their base. They defeated them but found Nightcrawler left unconscious after an encounter with their leader, the Supreme Pontiff. Nightcrawler worries about what he might remember if his memory ever returns.

Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 500

Uncanny X-Men 500 (2008) : "SFX" Part 1

In the story, the X-Men are relocated to west coast in San Francisco. Magneto attacks using sentinels. The X-men defeats the robots and discovered that Magneto's attack was a distraction of something else; the High Evolutionary is doing something unknown to the Dreaming Celestial that towers over Golden Gate Park. Cyclops invites mutants from around the world (by using Emma Frost physics) to join him and the X-Men in their new sanctuary in San Francisco. Meanwhile, a mutant named Pixie and a friend are stalked by a group called "the Hellfire Cult." 44 issues later this series came to an end with issue 544. It began with a new issue 1 again.

The second volume series lasted for 20 issues and began all over again with another volume that lasted for 35 issue that lead to the issue 600.

Uncanny X-Men 600 (2015) : "The Trial of Hank McCoy"Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 600

In the story, Hank McCoy (The Beast) is summoned be rest his to team. Storm is leading the group who are questioning Beast for his mistakes. Bobby Drake confirm he is Gay while Colossus is reunited with Kitty Pryde and his sister Magik. Cyclops has a speech about it is time to make peace between mutants and humans. Beast felt bad about the judgment he had with the rest of the team and leaves the school and the X-men. The five original X-men decides to leave as well. Young Jean Grey decides to go solo to try to live a life like a normal person. She kissed young Beast in front of  young Cyclops. This issue also have a reprint story from Bizarre Adventures that features a solo story in black and white of Bobby Drake aka Iceman. This is the final issue (3 final issues for this series so far) of the third volume of the series. There will be another volume of Uncanny X-Men with another issue 1 at the end of 2015 or beginning of 2016.

Is there will be a Uncanny X-Men 700? Only time will tell…

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