Monday, March 24, 2014

Covers/Portadas : It is just a kiss…

In this occasion I will show some cover of comics where characters are making out…err…kissing. Let’s see the covers:



The question? Where is Reed Richards? Does he realize where is his wife and with whom?  NAMOR got his Blondie after all…. and in his landmark 50th issue! What is funny about it is that (spoiler alert) she was not Sue after all…. that does not mean that he did miss a kiss from the real Sue Richards neither.



An odd couple that did not lasted for long. Not wonder Bobby Drake is alone, he is always after demanding women! (Just ask Kitty…)  I think there was desperation for this case.



This was one of the weird scene. Isn’t Rogue able to touch anyone because could leave the person on coma? And where is Gambit? Well, Wolverine had healing factors on that time… What happens if this happens now that he is mortal ? Again, this is disturbing. It is not that Logan and Rogue can’t be together, it is just that combination of them that seems not to work well.

superman wonder woman04

SUPERMAN-WONDER WOMAN (Superman/Wonder Woman # 4)

A very explosive couple! I think they can be a couple and have a relationship. She knows him and vice versa. Besides, they are superheroes and fight for the same cause. However, nothing is perfect and last forever. This is not the first time that love encounter between them happens, it happen on the past but they decided to be just friends but that was in the past and now things are different so everything goes…



(Superior Spider-Man # 2)

What you see on the cover did not happened the way that readers were expecting. Even though this is a very provocative take of Otto AKA The Superior Spider-Man kissing a surprised but excited MJ. Peter Parker would never kiss her or another woman like that…well … that has to be seen…because…


SPIDER-MAN-BLACK CAT (Amazing Spider-Man # 606)

Actually, Peter Parker under his Costume of Spider-Man was making out with the Black Cat and that was broadcasted over the web by some perverts who were watching including Mary Jane Watson herself. Humm…What the Tiger has…?


Spider-Man – Mattie Franklin (Spider-Woman)  (Amazing Spider-Man # 14)

This is what I call a steal kiss. The new Spider-Woman couldn't resist it and unmasked and kissed Peter Parker. That was very disturbing because on previous issue a plane crashed and MJ was in there making clear that she may died. This kiss was another desperate attempt to get the attention of the person being kissed. I think after this issue Peter and Mattie did not kiss ever again…

And last but not the least…


JEAN GREY-WOLVERINE (Uncanny X-Men # 94)

This is my favorite cover. I loved it! Look a the bodybuilder perfect man was drawn on Logan and Jean Grey was just good. There was a tension between him and her. She always felt something for him, but because of her loyalty to Scott Summers(Cyclops) Jean tried to keep down and away from her mind. She knows that he is in love for her but again there is the statement “Sorry, I have someone” that keep it apart. In this particular issue both of them are on a very difficult situation where their lives where at risk so in a very dramatic moment, where it was thought that there was not salvation, it happened a last wish…a kiss. What a way to spend a final moment!  believe or not Jean make a good couple with Wolverine even better that Cyclops. However, many things are between them like the Phoenix, the wolverine luck and of course Cyclops. Did I mentioned this name many times? Who cares…and that’s was a wrap. Hope you enjoyed…see ya!

Disclaimer: The X-Men, Spider-Man, Namor and related characters are trademarks of Marvel Comics. Super Man and Wonder Woman are trademark of DC Comics. Images used as a reference only.

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