Sunday, July 10, 2011




THE END OF UNCANNY X-MEN, well for a few days.


According to and this comic will ends with issue number 544 that is going to be shipped either at the end of October or the beginning of November of 2011. The series will be rebooted with an issue number 1 a week later. The reasons for the cancellation/ relaunch are as a the results of this summer event named schism  where two major characters, Cyclops and Wolverine will be parting separated ways due a divided opinion. One group will follow Cyclops and another will follow Wolverine. The Uncanny X-Men # 1 will feature Cyclops X-men and a new comic with the name of Wolverine and The X-Men will feature Logan’s X-men. How this issue 544 will be? How this Schism crossover will affect the X-men? How Wolverine will handle to have two teams?(the other one is Uncanny X-Force). I personally think that the rebooting was needed for the X-men, what I disagree is the renumbering back to issue 1. That was not necessary, because even is the team gets split , it does not mean the real end of the Uncanny X-Men. An issue 545 as the jump point would be better that restarting with issue 1. All of this was done maybe because Marvel wants to get media attention after its competition DC Comics decided to relaunch the whole entire lineup with a number 1 issue including its two older comics Detective Comics and Action Comics. But Again, it was not necessary to do this relaunch. Let’s hope that this works well for Marvel Comics. Killing the human torch and canceling the Fantastic Four, Killing the Ultimate Spiderman and Killing Bucky Captain America was not enough for Marvel? The World will never know….Make Mine Marvel! Let’s see what happens…

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