Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wolverine And The X-men no more on Nicktoons ?

I don't know what is happening but the thing is if that is been a while since there is not a episode, not even a repeat one of Wolverine and The X-men on Nicktoons. Since the Fantastic Four started I do not see not even an ad about this series. With only 4 more episodes left to end the first season, there is not news, or even an ad that states that this series will return to this station. What's Going On ? Disney. I think that since Disney is now the owner of Marvel Comics, they may decide to move the series to the Down to earth TV Station "Disney XD" leaving the new episodes to be aired there and not on Nicktoons. If that is the case, I found it stupid in part of Disney because how can they move a series to Disney XD with all the repeats and then, new episodes the last 4 of the season. I read on wikipedia that a second season is on production, but it's been a long while since that is happening without any news. The thing is that Nicktoons has an agreement to air a least the first season, so I don't see why Disney can not let this first season be aired on Nicktoons and then the second season along with rerun of the first be broacasts on Disney XD. Just my opinion.

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