Thursday, December 31, 2015

ComicsGrama : 2015

2015 is over but it will be remembered for many comics readers for the many events that changed several of our favorite teams, heroes and characters. This moment I am going to focus on some of them. Let's see:

  • Marvel and DC relaunched their lineup. First time for Marvel and the second (probably the third time ) for DC comics.
  • Archie Comics end its run of it comic with issue 666 and began a new series with a new look months later. They also launch their superhero line.
  • Fantastic Four ends its run for now. There was a movie but it failed to attract the public. They appeared on the marvel major event Secret Wars.
  • Marvel Universe 616 and Ultimate Universe were destroyed to make a new universe.
  • Spider-man met several version of himself on Spider-Verse crossover.
  • Robin has its own Robin Wars
  • Bobby Drake aka Iceman came out the closet. At least that what is seems.
  • Uncanny X-Men reached to its milestone 600th issue. Funny is that it was the final issue. This was delayed from May to November just for the backup stories. That's what many sites said...
  • Not Wolverine this year, but we have a Old Man Logan.
  • Many superheroes had their Last Days in Marvel Universe.
  • DC comics had Convergence as their major event. It relaunched a new DC universe.
  • Marvel  Comics had Secret Wars (or should we call it Doom Wars). It relaunched a new Marvel universe.
That's it for me now. There were others events on the comics that I did not have the time to check it out, but whatever... 

And if you believed that 2015 was crazy, just wait for the 2016 that promises to be more craziest than ever. It's a very complicated world for the comics nowadays.

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