Saturday, June 28, 2008

TV Digital : Digital Stream 9950

I bough the second converter using the second coupon that was about to expire on June 30. After looking for references and opinions over the internet and several stores, I decided to buy another Digital Stream converter. I just don't care of what the reviews said about it, but the converter is working fine on my TV. The only thing different is that this one has the Analog-Pass-Through feature, a feature that I don't even care because I just don't watch those Low powered TV stations and soon or later these TV stations will switch onto digital signal. The other features for the Digital Stream 9950 remained the same as the 9900 models. Received same amount of channel (About 35 with the digital subchannels included), same menu, same everything. The bottom line is that this converter do the job as good as the other one I have already.Cropped images on some digital subchannels ? Just buy a new TV. Don't be offended, but that's the truth. People has to understand that the main function of the Digital Converters is to watch Over the air TV on a old analog TV set.