Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Comicsgrama : The Marvel Comics I read on 2008

The New Captain America. Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier took the role as the new sentinel of Liberty. However is it not the same as Steve Rogers. Dawn!!! how much I wished to be revealed that the Captain America that was murdered was a skrull and the real one was captured by the skrull. Dreaming dreaming....

The saga that will change the Ultimate Marvel Universe just begun and its going to explode to the dramatic conclusion on 2009. Ultimate X-men and Ultimate Fantastic Four will ends next year.

The Saga that changed the Marvel universe onto a utopia that had lead to a Dark Reign. I was pissed to see several characters being replaced by a skrull. The death of the Wasp was predictable and the new evil illuminate formed by Norman Osborn, Emma Frost, The Hood, Loki (now a woman), Namor, and Doctor Doom was surprised but not amazing. The things that I didn't like was the tie-ins books such as Spider-man, X-men and Fantastic Four that were just waste of money. Another thing was that the Hulk did not appeared at all; ok he is dealing with the aftermath of his World War Hulk and the Red Hulk, but come in ! there is nothing bad to see the Hulk kicking skrull buts along with the superheroes. One thing was clear about this invasion, The heroes lose and the Villains win, as Norman Osborn is now the world savior. I just imagine him laughing as the green globin. Let's the dark reign start.... 2009 will be a tough one for marvel superheroes again. First ,Avengers Dissasembled, then house of M, then Civil war, then World war Hulk, then the now secret invasion and from there is a Dark reign and a War of King coming. Does the superheroes have any break ?

Spiderman single again. Three times the month. New Characters, new Villains but still having the parker luck.

The Uncanny X-men # 500, I never though to see this happen on my life. The good thing is that the book is back to their roots with new adventures and a new location, Los Angeles,CA. Still my favorite series ever!!!
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